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How do I purchase a firearm online?

Purchasing a firearm online is simple. Follow the easy steps below. If you have any questions, use the "CONTACT US" button to send us an email or give us as call and we will be happy to answer your questions

  1. Before purchasing a firearm, check you local laws and BE SURE YOU ARE PERMITTED TO POSSESS THE FIREARM. Firearms regulations vary from state to state. Unfortunately it is difficult for us to know the laws of every state and therefore it will be your responsibility to abide by your local firearms laws.
  2. If your firearm is permitted, you will then need to find an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed dealer) in your area for us to ship to
  3. Click HERE FOR ATF LISTING or HERE FOR FFL DEALER LOCATOR to find a local FFL in your area
  4. Contact the FFL and verify that they will be willing to complete the transfer for you. There is typically a small cost involved.
  5. Once you have a receiving FFL lined up to accept your order, you would proceed as you normally would with any online purchase
  6. Place your item(s) into the shopping cart
  7. Select "CHECK OUT"
  8. Select your method of payment
  9. Your BILLING address will be your HOME address.
  10. Your SHIPPING address will be your FFL's address.
  11. Once your payment is processed, we will verify your FFL's information
  12. Once your FFL has been confirmed, we will ship the item
  13. Your FFL will then contact you when the order is received and they will complete the necessary background checks your state requires
  14. Your transaction is complete and you are free to enjoy your new firearm!

Feel free to call us @ 814.844.3904 or email us at sales@beefcreekarmory.com
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